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Updated: Nov 12

Current Features:

2D Platform: Run, jump and smash your way through thousands of FF!

Match color: Match your color with the enemies’ color and obstacles in order to move forward (6 colors).

Collect the missing images: Find out how evil spread throughout the land by finding the 56 images.

Achievements: Medal awards for:

- Time;

- Number of deaths;

- Images found;

Number of levels: 8 different worlds, 29 levels, totalizing 240 challenges, ranging from basic to complex ones.

Game modes:

- Original mode: The game as it was originally meant to be played. As you progress, you will collect new colors. It gets progressively harder.

- Normal mode: Same levels as original mode but with a constant number of colors. Constant difficulty. Every time you lose, FF and obstacles switch colors: Normal mode is divided into 5 sub modes:

- N 2: FF will be gray and green;

- N 3: FF will be gray, green and blue;

- N 4: FF will be gray, green, blue and red;

- N 5: FF will be gray, green, blue, red and yellow;

- N 6: FF will be gray, green, blue, red, yellow and purple;


- English;

- Portuguese;

Controls: Support for keyboard and gamepad.


- Windows;

Future Features:

Game modes:

- Impossible mode: Same levels as story mode but with 6 colors. Every time you lose, FF and obstacles switch colors. Every time you lose, the rule of color changes randomly (i.e. in order to defeat green FF, you have to smash with blue color).


- French;

- German;

- Italian;

- Spanish;


- Windows;

- Nintendo Switch;

- PS4;

- Xbox One;

Controls: Customizable controls.

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