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Updated: 2 days ago

Current Features:

2D Platform: Run, jump and smash your way through thousands of Fearflies!

Match color: Match your color with the enemies’ color and obstacles in order to move forward (6 colors).

Collect the missing images: Find out how evil spread throughout the land by finding the 56 images.

Achievements: Medal awards for:

- Time;

- Number of deaths;

- Images found;

Number of levels: 8 different worlds, 29 levels, totalizing 240 challenges, ranging from basic to complex ones.

Game modes:

- Original mode: The game as it was originally meant to be played. As you progress, you will collect new colors. It gets progressively harder.

- Normal mode: Same levels as original mode but with a constant number of colors. Constant difficulty. Every time you lose, Fearflies and obstacles switch colors: Normal mode is divided into 5 sub modes:

- N 2: Fearflies will be gray and green;

- N 3: Fearflies will be gray, green and blue;

- N 4: Fearflies will be gray, green, blue and red;

- N 5: Fearflies will be gray, green, blue, red and yellow;

- N 6: Fearflies will be gray, green, blue, red, yellow and purple;

- Impossible mode: Same as N6 but with a twist, everytime you lose, the rule of colors changes (i.e. in order to smash red Fearfly you need blue color).


- English;

- Portuguese;

- Brazilian Portuguese;

Controls: Support for keyboard and gamepad.


- Windows;

Game Engine: Unity.

Future Features:


- Chinese Simplified;

- French;

- German;

- Italian;

- Japanese;

- Korean;

- Russian;

- Spanish;


- Nintendo Switch;

- PS4;

- Xbox One;

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