July 11, 2018

Hey everyone! This post will have the current and future features of the game. 


I will add here the latest news regarding features, but there will also be separated posts with the new added information.


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Additional Information : 

- CURRENT FEATURES - Represent what is already developed in the game.

- FUTURE FEATURES - Represent what I have in mind for the game. It doesn't mean they will necessarily be implemented, but my objective is to do so.




Genre : 2D Platform.


Game Mechanics:

- Run

- Jump

- Smash

- Change Colors (3 colors).


Story Mode: The Fur in Me is a 2D platform match color game where you follow a young Fur in a quest to save his own world from the mad Fearflies. The story will be told through images spread throughout the different levels.


Audio : Fun and joyful music and sounds.


Achievements : In game achievements (medals) :

- Timer.

- Number of deaths.

- Collecting all images.


Controls :

- Keyboard.

- Gamepad - Xbox 360, Xbox One.


Localization :

- English

- French

- German

- Italian

- Portuguese

- Spanish


Systems :

- Windows


Buy on :

- Steam




Game Mechanics : Change Colors (6 colors).


Challenge Mode : Several levels with 6 different levels of difficulties :

- Level 1 - Enemies have 1 color.

- Level 2 - Enemies have 2 colors.

And so on...

Each level of difficulty will have 2 modes :

- Normal mode - The rules of colors remain the same : Black smashes black, green smashes green etc

- Hardcore mode - The rules of colors are random i.e. Black may smash green, green may smash yellow etc



Assist Option : Tweak attributes to adjust the gameplay:

- Number of Jumps.

- Invincibility.


You can turn Assist Option ON and OFF whenever you want but If you turn it ON, you won't receive achievements in the current level for : 

- Timer.

- Number of deaths.


Continue : Continue the level in the last checkpoint you were before leaving.


Achievements : Steam Achievements.


Controls : Customize controls.

Gamepad - Steam Controller.


Localization :

- Russian

- Simplified Chinese

- Japanese



Systems :

- Nintendo Switch

- PS4



Buy on : 

- itch.io, gog, Humble Store

- Nintendo EShop


- Microsoft Store              


If you have any suggestions to improve the game, feel free to comment below or email me through the box at the bottom of the home page. Thank you for your time and, if you really like the game, share it to your friends and family, that would help a lot =)




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